Sandwich Panel Roofs

Sandwich system roofs can be applied easily on prefabricated, concrete, steel or wooden constructions. They are used on industrial, military, social, prefabricated and agricultural buildings; sports facilities, construction sites, silos, hypermarkets, shopping malls, airport terminals etc.

Solving the heat and water insulation problem of roofs easily, sandwich panels are appropriate for large buildings where the slope of the roof is greater than 7%. Sandwich roof panels can be produced with polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, glasswool or rockwool isolation.

On-Site Assembled Sandwich System Roofs

The system consists of two layers of prepainted galvanized steel trapezoidals, Z-spacer and heat insulation in between. Thanks to seperate transportation of components being possible, transport costs are lower compared to sandwich panel roofs.

Sandwich Panel Roofs

with Membrane

With trapezodials on the bottom surface and PVC or TPO membranes on the upper surface, polyurethane or rockwool isolated premade sandwich panels are appropriate for roofs with slope lower than 7%.

On-Site Assembled Membrane Roof Systems

The system consists of prepainted galvanized steel trapezoidal vapour barrier and rockwool heat insulation with PVC or TPO membrane on top. High density rockwool is used in order to be able to walk on it during assembly and maintenance.

This system is preferred for its high fire resistance and low transport costs. The system also eliminates heat bridges at cold climates by placing panels with different offsets.

Flat Roofs With Membrane

With this system, specialized solutions are provided for applications such as seramic tiles and vegetation via EXP, EPS, rockwool, PVC, TPO, EPDM or bituminous membranes, depending on whether the roof's walkable or not.

Snap-lock Roof Systems

This system is preferred on roofs with low slope where aesthetic concerns and water problems are present. Due to its subconstruction being wooden or OSB on top of steel or wood, its assembly and construction is more costly and laborious. They are preferred generally on radius form roof claddings.

Single Trapezoidal Roofs

This system is ideal for radius form roofs where no heat insulation is needed. Trapezoidals can be in different shapes and thicknesses according to their load bearing capacities, can be produced with prepainted galvanized steel or aluminium and can be applied on roofs with high slopes. It is used also on on-site applied double layer systems as cladding on top and bottom surfaces. Its subconstruction can be prefabricated concrete or steel.

Roofs With Metallic Tiles

Especially used in European countries, metallic tiles are durable and suitable for all kinds of climates. They are produced from prepainted galvanized steel; are unbreakable, maintenance-free and 7 times lighter than conventional tiles.